Why You Shouldn’t Fight DUI Charges Alone

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It can be terrifying to end up on the wrong end of a DUI charge. Although a DUI may not be the worst crime you could be charged with, it’s still a serious one — and comes with real consequences. Lots of people believe that they can’t fight a DUI charge, especially if their blood alcohol level was confirmed to be over the legal limit. Therefore, they resign themselves to a conviction, often not even hiring a DUI attorney. Some don’t think that the DUI attorney cost is worth it, even if they could fight the charge. They’re wrong on both accounts. Not only is the typical DUI attorney cost worth it — it can often save you a lot of time and money in the long term. A DUI charge isn’t always something you can completely escape. In many cases, you may be convicted. But that doesn’t mean you have to suffer the highest consequences. At the very least, a good DUI attorney can often argue your penalty down, and in some cases they can help you avoid a conviction altogether. Below, we’ll explore what a DUI charge really means, and what your options are moving forward. One thing is for certain — you can’t fight this kind of charge to your best ability without an attorney’s help.

What Constitutes A DUI Charge, And What Are The Consequences?

In Ohio, a DUI charge is actually commonly referred to as an OVI. An OVI is essentially the same thing as a DUI, but refers to operating a vehicle under the influence rather than driving under the influence. In all 50 states, the legal blood alcohol level limit is .08%. However, Ohio has different rules if a driver was under the age of 21 — in that case, the legal limit is .02%. State DUI laws may vary across the country depending on the age of the person charged. If you or someone you care about was driving under the influence while under 21, it’s particularly important that you find a good lawyer as soo n as possible. More specifically, you should find a DUI attorney with experience in dealing with charges that not only relate to driving under the influence, but illegal drinking. The penalties can be fairly severe. Your fine, if you’re convicted, could range from $250 to $1,000. For that matter, first convictions usually require the convicted person to pay a $450 license reinstatement fee. In Ohio, a DUI or OVI conviction can also result in jail time of three days six months, as well as six points on your license. As you can see, a DUI attorney cost is nothing compared to the damage a conviction and full penalty can inflict upon your life.

How Can A DUI Attorney Help Those Charged?

There are many ways in which a DUI attorney can help his or her clients. Your attorney has the ability to review video, contact witnesses, and challenge breathalyzer tests in order to argue your case. Even if you willingly submitted to a blood alcohol content test, your attorney can challenge the results. Often, breathalyzer tests, blood, and urine tests run the risk of being improperly administered. This can skew the results, and if your attorney can call into question the results of your test, they will be inadmissible in court. For that matter, the police office who pulled you over must have had cause to do so — an officer cannot pull you over without evidence to prove that you were driving suspiciously.

What About Plea Bargains?

In some cases, your attorney can get you a plea bargain that will reduce your penalty. This alone is worth the DUI attorney cost. In Ohio in particular, a plea bargain of a “wet reckless”, in which the accused admits to driving recklessly under the influence of alcohol, can be accepted. In the defendant had no prior record, caused no accident, and had a borderline blood alcohol level, they may be a good candidate for a plea bargain.

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