• Mark Moreau, 65, provided legal help to people who couldn’t afford it

    Mark Allan Moreau who was epitome of inspiration and perspiration for the needy people died on Tuesday at his New Orleans home. He had died due to Kidney Cancer and was 65 years old. He had dedicated his life to help those people who do not afford money to file a suit against any injustice.
    Mr. Moreau had born at Jefferson City and earned his LAW degree from Buffalo University. He had served as Executive Director in New Orleans Legal Assistance Corp. from 1988 to 2003. After that, this Corp. had been merged with Southeast Louisiana Legal Services and Mr. Moreau was co-executive director until last year.
    Mr. Moreau earned the title of – legal help provider to the poor- when he came to New Orleans to join Vista volunteering program in 1975. He worked in New Orleans for many years and decided to go for Masters Degree in law. He got specialization in taxation and worked as a tax specialist at Coopers & Lybrand till 1884.
    His colleagues said that “he was providing legal help to needy people and he was highly efficient to generate revenue from different resources to launch legal battle for the downtrodden”. He had written plenty of books and manuals and last manual was on “Pro Bono Desk”.
    He had served in different boards and earned plenty of awards for his noble and creative works. He memorial service will be held Saturday (March 8) at 2:30 p.m. at Jacob Schoen & Son Funeral Home, 3827 Canal St. Visitation will start at 1 p.m.
  • Morgan will try to complete diversion program after DWI charge

    After serving 10 months in jail, Joe Morgan has decided to complete diversion program to avoid prosecution charges related to his case.  He was arrested on suspension of driving drunk in Metairie and he was supposed to be one of the best receives of saints in the past 3 seasons.
    Morgan was invited by the District Attorney’s Office to opt for the program and he had finally joined it before the 1st Jefferson Parish Court Judge Rebecca M. Olivier’s section on Tuesday. Donald the lawyer of the player said that the requirements of this program are very rigorous and some of the clauses may not be suiting to his client.
    Actually he was arrested on 25th May for napping in his car. When the police took him in custody and tested him for knowing that whether he crossed the drinking limit, he declared positive and happened to be jailed for 10 months. Morgan was released under the security bond of $1,150 and his driving license had been confiscated for preventing him from driving.
    He had missing a number of games due to preseason knee injury and this is the crucial time for him to improve his overall performance apart from personal development.
  • New Orleans Sewerage & Water Board’s legal concerns delay hiring of Deputy Mayor Cedric Grant

    The Deputy of New Orleans Cedric Grant is persistently facing serious problems on his next career move. It is said that the olive branch among members of the Sewerage & Water Board to hire him is away from the administration of Mayor.
    The officials said on Wednesday that the latest transfer of deputy from one agency to another could overrule the state law that prevents public officials from doing business with their former public employer for 2 years after relinquishing the job. On the other hand, city officials said that we had reached on some settlement and decided to place Grand as the Executive Director of the S&WB. Whereas, the higher echelons of water board made a contact with Board of Ethics to assess the legality of this matter.
    Actually, Grant was considered as Top favorite candidate for the post of executive director after the retirement of Marcia St. Martin.  It was being negotiated that he would be appointed on this post till the end of January but unfortunately he could not be appointed.
    To meet with administrative needs, the board he appointed Bob Miller Deputy Executive Director on interim basis.
    A legal ethics professor of Loyola University Dane Ciolino said that “I have first heard about that state law that does not allow an official to join another job. I think board members of S&WB are too much precautious”. He further said this is undoubtedly not what is intended by law.
  • PAR releases new app to track La. elected leaders

    A non-governmental organization responsible for vigilant watch has launched a new App that can be used by Louisiana residents to track the elected officials.
    This app can be downloaded from all major online stores like Apple and Google. To find it easily, you just need to search “PAR Guide” in the app store.
    The app contains all the personal details related to Louisiana elected officials, lawmakers, and Louisiana members of Congress. Yes, you can get addresses, phone numbers and other biographical information through this app.
    Apart from this, this app contains all information related to constitutional amendments and other proposal details of Louisiana State.  You can also get details of a citizen’s legal rights to hold meetings and public records in Louisiana.

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