Steps to Take When Charged with Assault

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According to recent research collected in 2014, aggravated assaults made up 63.6% of violent crimes that were reported. All it takes is for one situation to get out of control for a crime to be committed. However, there are certain circumstances that can get you out of facing any charges at all. In this post, we will discuss which types of assault there are, exceptions to criminal charges, and when to call an attorney.

There are a few different types of assault that can occur. Determining which type of violence has occurred will help determine possible charges faced. Some instances of this crime are not seen as criminally severe as other examples. Certain situations can even have you exempt from facing any charges at all.

Verbal assault takes place when someone threatens or mentally abuses another person. Any case with the world verbal attached to it means that no physical force was used, usually meaning a much lighter sentence. Physical assault occurs when someone has inflicted physical harm to someone else. Any type of physical violence applies to this form of assault, including slaps, punches, and kicks, to name a select few. Aggravated assault includes the use of a weapon, in addition to the physical violence taking place. Typically, an aggravated assault case is the most serious of charges since it includes weapons offenses.

Lawful exceptions are cases when violence has occurred but it is lawfully permitted. In certain states, victims of theft are allowed to defend themselves by any means necessary. Most criminals can loot an entire home in only 10 minutes. There are cases when, unfortunately, the victims of a theft were home when it took place. If you assaulted a home invader, you might not even face any assault charges. Installing a home security system could be a wise defense idea for the future. A recent study shows that a home security system steered away 60% of burglars from attempting to attack a home.

A prime example of another lawful exception would be a case of self-defense. If someone had assaulted you first, self-defense may have been your only option. Fighting back, in most cases, is highly unlikely to earn you an assault charge. Another type of assault exemption that isn’t as well known is if you were preventing a crime. If an assault preventing another crime, let’s say a dwi, from happening than you would likely find yourself acquitted. If you can provide proof that the act of violence prevented a crime from happening will bode extremely well for your case.

In a situation where an unlawful assault has been committed, the defense will still have to prove this happened. When you find yourself facing a defense team, it is wise to seek your own professional guidance. Calling an attorney ensures that you have a qualified legal professional in your corner. You will likely be going up against a defendant and their legal team, it makes perfect sense to have one of your own. Don’t risk your future trying to defend yourself in court, let a team of professionals guide you through these stressful times.

In closing, being charged with an assault doesn’t always mean facing time. There are many different types of assault, both non-violent and violent. Physical violence will make an assault charge more severe. Acting in self-defense can rule out most chances of assault charges being filed against you. It is a wise choice to seek professional representation in the courtroom. A criminal defense lawyer can uphold your reputation and give you the help you need during this tough time.

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