• Types of Injuries That Can Result in a Personal Injury Lawsuit

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    Sustaining a serious injury often times goes beyond just the physical implications. Major injuries can also result in financial hardships, whether from costly medical bills or an inability to work for a long period of time. When these types of injuries are caused by another person, personal injury lawsuits may necessary in order to compensate the injured person for their pain, suffering and financial stress. No one anticipates sustaining a serious injury, and they can be result of a number of different situations, both accidental and on purpose. Depending on the type of injury and how it occurred, a person may want to consider accident and injury lawyers that specialize in their specific area. Three common types of injuries that result in personal injury lawsuits are:

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  • Tips for Finding a Reputable Attorney Who Can Meet Your Needs

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    Whether you’re in the process of filing for divorce, bankruptcy, filing a personal injury or workers’ compensation claim, or suing for defamation of character, legal matters can be both intimidating and confusing, especially if you’re not familiar with laws relating to the nature of your lawsuit.

    Regardless of the nature of your case, it’s important to find a lawyer who specific experienced related to your situation. For example, there are several areas of family law aside from divorce. If you’ve decide to move forward with your decision to divorce your spouse, it wouldn’t make sense to work with family law attorney whose specialty is paternal rights. The same principle can be applied to filing for bankruptcy, as there Continue Reading

  • Three Common Sources of Distracted Driving

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    One of the most common causes of personal injury claims and lawsuits in the U.S. is traffic matters. There are about five and a half million car accidents per year, and distracted driving is one of the most common reasons. Here are some of the most common sources of distractions on the road.

    1. Devices
    Probably the most common cause of distracted driving is devices. In many states, talking on a cell phone or texting while driving is illegal, and the consequences for doing either of these things are getting more and more serious — even license revocation for an entire year in some cases. It’s important to make any phone calls before setting out on the road. Drivers should also set their phones on silent and put them in the glove compartment so as not to be tempted to use it.
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  • Reasons to Fight Red Light Violations

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    Everyone has had that moment, right before passing under a traffic light, when it flicks from yellow to red.

    Red light violations can be significant, and in fact are one of the more serious traffic violations. Deciding to fight a red light ticket can be the best option available.

    Yellow lights can be hard to gauge, and everyone has experienced the panic of looking up from the road to see one hanging over their head. In some cases it is actually safer to continue in your path, rather than slam on the brakes. Icy or wet conditions and heavy traffic could have devastating effects in such a situation. Slamming the brakes at an upcoming yellow can send your vehicle spinning into the other lane, and suddenly you have much more to worry about than a standard Continue Reading

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