Reasons to Fight Red Light Violations

Traffic light violation

Everyone has had that moment, right before passing under a traffic light, when it flicks from yellow to red.

Red light violations can be significant, and in fact are one of the more serious traffic violations. Deciding to fight a red light ticket can be the best option available.

Yellow lights can be hard to gauge, and everyone has experienced the panic of looking up from the road to see one hanging over their head. In some cases it is actually safer to continue in your path, rather than slam on the brakes. Icy or wet conditions and heavy traffic could have devastating effects in such a situation. Slamming the brakes at an upcoming yellow can send your vehicle spinning into the other lane, and suddenly you have much more to worry about than a standard traffic light violation. On a similar note, braking too hard can catch other drivers off guard. A rear-end collision will inevitably fault the driver behind you, but even if you’re not the one to get the traffic violations, that’s small consolation if your car is severely damaged. Sometimes taking the risk of a ticket is preferable.

It’s even possible that the traffic violations you received weren’t earned. Line of sight can be an issue when police officers award tickets, and it’s possible that you made it just in time. That in particular is one time when fighting a red light ticket is a good idea. If you honestly believe that you’re innocent of the offense, going to court and fighting could get you off on the charge.

Sometimes, however, the court might have proof in the form of a red light camera. Red light camera traffic violations can be difficult to fight, but it’s still important to consider doing so. The cameras can not only be wrong, but might not even have been referencing the correct vehicle. A number of people have received traffic violations in the mail, courtesy of a red light camera, only to find the picture doesn’t come close to resembling them.

Red light tickets can be a pain, but fighting the charge can be rewarding. Don’t accept the judgement without considering all of you options and consulting an attorney. Find out more at this site.

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