Three Common Sources of Distracted Driving

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One of the most common causes of personal injury claims and lawsuits in the U.S. is traffic matters. There are about five and a half million car accidents per year, and distracted driving is one of the most common reasons. Here are some of the most common sources of distractions on the road.

1. Devices
Probably the most common cause of distracted driving is devices. In many states, talking on a cell phone or texting while driving is illegal, and the consequences for doing either of these things are getting more and more serious — even license revocation for an entire year in some cases. It’s important to make any phone calls before setting out on the road. Drivers should also set their phones on silent and put them in the glove compartment so as not to be tempted to use it.

2. Passengers
Another common cause of distracted driving is passengers. Having people in the car talking, and adjusting the radio, or doing anything else can make it hard for a driver to focus on what he or she is doing and keep his or her full attention on the road. Passengers and drivers both should be mindful of this, and make efforts to stay on task.

3. Eating and Drinking
Another common cause of distracted driving is eating and drinking on the road. This doesn’t seem like a bug deal, but it can be. Doing anything while driving takes a portion of the driver’s attention off of the road, and there is always a chance that the driver could spill something on himself or herself, which is even more distracting. It’s important to pull over to a safe place to eat or drink if doing it is absolutely necessary.

These are all important steps to take to avoiding an accident, but one can always be caused by someone else’s negligence If you are involved in a car accident and want to make a personal injury claim, look for personal injury lawyers who are well versed in car accident cases. You’re much more likely to get compensation with experienced counsel and representation.

Do you have any tips for staying attentive on the road? Feel free to share your thoughts with us in the comments section. More on this topic.

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