Three of the Weirdest Ways People Have Suffered Personal Injuries

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People slip and fall at work, get whiplash in an accidents, and suffer injuries in a myriad of other, typical ways. Just ask the personal injury attorneys, who will also be able to tell you that some people get hurt in other, rather uncommon ways.

Here are a few of the most bizarre personal injury claims of all time.

Hurt From Watching Fear Factor.

One viewer of the popular television show Fear Factor once tried to sue its network, NBC, to the tune of $2.5 million. According to Austin Aitken’s personal injury claim from 2005, a stunt in which contestants had to eat blended rats caused him to vomit and suffer emotional distress.

Hurt From Looking Like Michael Jordan.

Most people would kill to look like the dashingly good looking, basketball legend Michael Jordan, but not Allen Heckard from Oregon. He was frequently mistaken for Jordan, and got so fed up with having to explain that he was not the athlete that he tried to sue both Jordan and Nike. His personal injury claim sought $832 million in damages. He claims that Jordan essentially defamed him, causing him emotional pain and suffering. As you might have expected, the personal injury claim was tossed out.

Hurt From Losing His Pants.

An administrative law judge once tried to sue the owners of Washington D.C.’s Custom Cleaners. His personal injury claim tried to clean the business out of $67 million, all because they’d misplaced a pair of his pants. The grounds for his lawsuit? The plaintiff claimed that the owners failed to live up to the “satisfaction guaranteed” sign they’d hung in their store window.

Personal injury lawyers have seemingly heard it all, but chances are other readers like you have not. If you’ve heard of any other wild, crazy, insane, odd, or downright weird personal injury claim not mentioned on this list, feel free to share it in the comments, and let others in on the fun story! For more information, read this website.

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