Want to Get a Loved One out of Jail? Use a Bail Bond Service

Bail bond company

Has someone you know or care about been arrested recently? Arrests happen more frequently than most people think. Statistics show that over 50% of American men get arrested at least once in their lifetimes, with every one of three people getting arrested for some reason or the other by the time they reach age 23. If you consider this rate to be very high, you should also know that arrests can happen for many things, which include petty offenses, serious crimes and thinks like DUI as well. Statistically, this rate of arrest is not at all improbably high, and once someone gets arrested, there are concrete procedures in place to ensure that correct handling of their cases.

The only problem some people have with an arrest is how things work out right after the arrest. After getting processed, the arrested individual gets assigned a court date when a hearing would take place, and the fate of the arrested person would be decided by a court of law. This date often comes after a period of waiting, and till that time, and arrested person is usually supposed to be kept in police custody, which is to say, in a jail cell. Since the year 2000, American jails have operated at over 90% capacity, and this the part of an arrest that many people do not enjoy at all.

If someone you know or love has been arrested, and there is no inclination towards jail time involved, there are provisions for that. The concept of bail is exactly what you need in such a scenario, as this is what allows people who have been arrested to avoid facing jail time and getting to spend the time till their hearing date in the comfort of their homes. The catch is that the court sets a bail amount which involves paying money as a means of guarantee that the person concerned will definitely come to court on the day of hearing, and not abscond. Posting bail often requires substantial cash money, and this where the concepts of the bail bondsman might come in handy if you want to get someone out of jail immediately.

Bail Bond Services — Important Facts

If you want to get someone out of jail by posting bail, but do not want to put down the entire bail amount, you can engage the services of a bail bond company. Finding a bail bond agency should not prove too difficult, as there are many of them in the country and you are likely to find a few in your area as well. This system works a certain way — the bail bondsman enters into a deal with you where he accepts a part of the bail money and fronts the rest for bail to be posted. As a guarantee for the rest of the money, you need to put up collateral of some kind, typically real estate, jewelry or other valuables.

The bail bond service then posts bail and the person arrested does not have to spend the jail time that would otherwise have been mandatory. If the person later absconds or does not show up to court, the bondsman can recover the money from the collateral put up during the time of contract. If everything goes smoothly, the bondsman expects you to repay the money due according to the terms of the contract. The repayment terms are usually stringent and there are penalties in place for non-payment.

The up-front fee charged by the bail bond service is usually eight to 10% of the entire bail amount, and in case you were wondering, it is non-refundable. This is the way bail bond services provide the service they provide, and for you, the convenience is being able to get someone out of jail without having to post the entirety of the bail amount. Caution should be exercised while acquiring the services of a bail bond service, as failure to show up in court can lead to dire consequences, including the employment of a bounty hunter to find out the person concerned.

With this information, you are likely to be able to make a more insightful decision regarding this matter.

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