• Want to Get a Loved One out of Jail? Use a Bail Bond Service

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    Has someone you know or care about been arrested recently? Arrests happen more frequently than most people think. Statistics show that over 50% of American men get arrested at least once in their lifetimes, with every one of three people getting arrested for some reason or the other by the time they reach age 23. If you consider this rate to be very high, you should also know that arrests can happen for many things, which include petty offenses, serious crimes and thinks like DUI as well. Statistically, this rate of arrest is not at all improbably high, and once someone gets arrested, there are concrete procedures in place to ensure that correct handling of their cases.

    The only problem some people have with an arrest is how things work out right after the arrest. After getting processed, the arres Continue Reading

  • Getting into Jail is Easy Getting Out? Not so Much

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    If you learned about the American justice system in grade school, then you’re probably familiar with the Miranda rights (the right to remain silent, to an attorney, etc.). You’re probably also aware of the fact that a court can set a bail fee to be posted by the prisoner or someone they know to release them from jail. While bail is important and allows a person to be released from jail, usually awaiting a trial or conviction, there is more than one way to pay it.

    If someone has been arrested and is being held in jail, felony criminal bonds may be a solution to paying the set bail fee. Bail bondsmen work in a way that is similar to any other bonds person. Typically, the bail bond service will charge a non-refundable Continue Reading