Preventable Causes Of Motor Vehicle Accidents

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Many of the six million car accidents that occur in the United States every year are accidental, caused by something not preventable or at least not easily preventable by the every day driver. However, sometimes a trial attorney or similar legal professional like a personal injury attorney will need to get involved, as some motor vehicle accidents are considered to be caused by an error of one of the drivers. A trial attorney is particularly useful should the case ever go to trial, though the vast majority of personal injury cases are able to settled outside of the courtroom. However, in around 4% of all personal injury suits a trial attorney becomes necessary and the case is seen before a judge and even potentially a jury.

Car accidents cause more than half of all personal injury cases in the United States, followed only by cases of medical malpractice and product liability. Unfortunately, of the 6 million accidents yearly in the United States, around 3 million injuries are sustained. Around the world, nearly one and half million deaths are caused by a motor vehicle accident of some sort every year as well. Many of the injuries sustained in a motor vehicle accident are serious and life altering, with nearly 40% of spinal cord injuries caused by motor vehicle collisions and accidents. Ten percent of all traffic related accidents are because of accidents involving trucks, and the majority of people killed or seriously injured in motor vehicle accidents involving trucks are either pedestrians or the people in the car, not the truck driver or passengers.

While some motor vehicle accidents are caused by things like the weather which can not easily be prevented, there are some causes for motor vehicle accidents that absolutely can be stopped. Distracted driving, for one, causes more than 3,000 deaths in the United States alone every year. Distracted driving can be caused itself by a number of factors, but most often relates to the use of electronic devices, namely cell phones, while driving. Cell phone use, even if used for five seconds or less, can cause the driver to not look at the road for up to the length of a football field, if they are traveling at around 55 miles per hour or greater. Even looking at a phone for such a short time can lead to immense consequences and, sometimes, even the loss of one life or more.

For the victims of a motor vehicle accident, hiring a trial attorney and filing a personal injury law suit may be one way that they receive the compensation that they deserve. As motor vehicle accidents can often lead to serious injury, the pay out from these personal injury cases is often put towards covering the medical expenses of the victims of a motor vehicle accident. If a loss of life occurs, this money often goes towards funeral expenses as well as taking care of any spouses, partners, or children who may have been left behind. A trial attorney can help the victims to receive the compensation that they should, as well as helping them to navigate through the legal world and, hopefully, file the personal injury case outside of the courtroom.

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