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Car Accidents as Leading Cause for Personal Injury in the United States

Even if you consider yourself to be the safest driver in the world, you’ll probably experience a car accident at least once in your life. Although a few dents and scratches are usually nothing to worry about, if you’ve been seriously injured by another driver, you must seek professional legal advice. Contacting your local accident injury lawyers for assistance is your next best step.

Accident injury lawyers focus on gathering evidence to support your claim and also work alongside a plethora of insurance companies to ensure that you can receive the compensation that you deserve. Moreover, an experienced attorney can help you through the personal injury arbitration process as well as the overall personal injury assist procedure. Therefore, it’s always good practice to work alongside those who go above and beyond personal injury law 101 if you’re eager to gain the best results in your case.

As such, this article will guide you through selecting the best personal injury lawyer for your situation and budget. Plus, this piece will also provide you with a comprehensive personal injury lawyer FAQ to ensure that you feel fully prepared for presenting your case to the court.

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Have you ever been seriously injured due to someone else?s mistake? Did you hire a personal injury law firm to help with your case? There are a variety of reasons why you may qualify for some type of compensation if you are injured at the hands of someone else and their mistake. In order to successfully win your case, you need to make sure you hire the right type of personal injury lawyer whether that be an auto accident lawyer or a lawyer to help with an injury you received while at work. The right lawyer can be key to winning your case and getting the compensation you rightfully deserve.

Interested in learning more about the number of injuries that occur in the United States every year resulting in the need for a personal injury attorney? Keep reading for more information about the different accidents that cause personal injury.

Estimates on the Number of Personal Injuries That Occur in the United States

Every year, there are around 31 million people get injured one way or another in the United States. Out of this staggeringly high number, nearly 2 million end up in the hospital to deal with the injuries they receive. Not all of these incidents require a personal injury attorney. Sometimes, even when the incidents should have a court case to deal with the personal injury, the injured person never files or moves forward with the case. In these instances, rightful compensation may not have been received.

Some of these incidents do in fact go to trial, though. 60% of the 26,928 property, contract, and tort trials during the year of 2005 were related to personal injury in one way or another, according to the U.S. Department of Justice. That means more than half of those cases went to trial to resolve some type of injury that one party sustained.

Ten years later and people are still being injured in a variety of different ways throughout the country. For example, in 2015, distracted driving incidents resulted in more than 391,000 injuries that could have been avoided. On top of that, in the same year, there were more than 752,000 injury and illness cases out of the 18.4 million state and local government workers.

While less than 5% of these incidents every actually go to a trial in the United States, that doesn?t mean you shouldn?t find a personal injury lawyer to review your case and help you decide how to proceed. Even if your case doesn?t go to trial, you could still have a settlement outside of court. A settlement could help with any medical expenses you have to deal with the injury and any extra costs if your car was destroyed or something else went wrong in the accident.

Car Accidents As a Main Cause of Personal Injury

One of the main ways that someone can get injured and need an accident lawyer is through a car crash. If you are involved in any type of car accident, it?s important to find the best auto accident lawyer immediately to deal with the case.

Car accidents occur quite frequently across the country. In fact, every year in the United States there are nearly 6 million car accidents that happen. That leaves your chances pretty high of being involved in some type of car accident at one point in your life. When it comes to car accidents, there are usually a few factors that cause the accident to occur. One of the main causes is drunk driving. The other main cause is distracted driving.

To put it into perspective, someone causes a car accident every two minutes because they were driving drunk. Always drive with caution, especially if you’re driving at night. If an accident does occur, don?t do anything until you hire an auto accident lawyer to help with the incident. You don?t want to mishandle the case before having an auto accident lawyer review it.

Have you recently been in a car accident that was due to someone else driving drunk or distracted? Let us know in the comments about your experience dealing with an auto accident lawyer.

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