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How an Experienced Attorney Can Help You Negotiate the Process of Divorce

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Divorce can be a traumatic life event for all connected with it, and emotions run high. Especially if children are involved, it can be difficult for both sides to reach a fair settlement. Child custody, alimony and the division of assets can be very divisive issues, and can be bitterly contested. In such a situation, a divorce lawyer can provide legal support ensure the best possible outcome for all concerned. As with other legal matters that impact personal life, such as wills and trusts, personal injury, and adopting a child, a lawyer can offer a legally sound as well as sympathetic viewpoint for people caught up in stressful situations.

Divorce by the numbers
Divorce is unfortunately all too common. It can be difficult enough for the couple, who have invested time, effort and money into the marriage. If there are children involved, the break-up becomes even more complicated and the potential for conflict is higher. The statistics are not encouraging. In the U.S., 41% of all first marriages end in divorce, as do 60% of second marriages, and 73% of all third marriages.
This adds up to a total of 876,000 divorces each year, or one divorce every 36 seconds. Just under a third, or 30% of all married couples facing problems have younger children under the age of 18 years. This means that around a million children are caught up in divorce proceedings each year. Issues like child custody, alimony and division of assets can all be complicated matters. A contested divorce, or a divorce where children are involved, can increase the potential for conflict and prevent the couple from reaching an amicable settlement.

How a divorce attorney can help
An experienced attorney can help you by making sure that the processes of deciding on child custody, alimony, and asset division are carried out in a fair and reasonable way. If there are children involved, the attorney can keep their best interests in mind. Attorneys can make sure that the divorce agreement covers all bases, to prevent problems from surfacing later. They can also offer good advice such as a realistic estimate of what to expect, as well as a reasonable timeline. In cases where the law impacts your persona life, such as divorce, adoption, or personal injury, legal help can make all the difference to the outcomes.
Divorce law can be complicated. In an amicable divorce, it may be possible for the couple to make all decisions themselves, in a fair and friendly manner. Even so, it’s possible to make mistakes in the paperwork. In a contested divorce, an experienced attorney can carry out negotiations in your best interests. In such cases, the stakes are much higher, and your financial future as well as the welfare of your children may be at risk.

Finding a good divorce attorney
This can be a very important step in the whole process. It’s a good idea to meet at least a few lawyers before deciding on the one that feels right to you. Your attorney will be advising you on personal and financial matters, and it’s important to build a relationship of trust. It’s best to choose an experienced lawyer who is familiar with local laws and courts. Knowledge and experience in such areas as divorce, personal injury, and wills and trusts can be an indication that an attorney is the right choice for your case.
Communication is very important, and so is a realistic assessment of the situation. An attorney who can tell you what to expect, without whitewashing or exaggerating the situation, is someone you can rely upon.

People don’t normally expect to find themselves dealing with the law in the course of their personal lives. Major events like divorce, personal injury, adoptions, and living will all bring you, your family and your resources into this domain. An experienced attorney can help help you to navigate the system as you strive to put your life together again.

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