3 Phrases You Never Want to Hear From Accident Injury Attorneys

Auto injury attorney

There are a lot of stereotypes about personal injury attorneys floating around, and the vast majority of them are undeserved. Whether you’re talking about auto accident injury attorneys or medical malpractice lawyers, most of them are dedicated professionals who simply want to get you the best possible compensation they can. As in all professions, however, there are a few bad apples out there you’ll want to know how to avoid. How can you spot bad personal injury lawyers? Here are three things you should never hear a good lawyer say:

  1. “I See You’ve Been in an Accident”

    You should never trust accident injury attorneys who approach you after you’ve been in an accident of some kind. This practice is referred to as “ambulance chasing,” and it’s actually not permitted by the American Bar Association. Good lawyers will let you come to them.

  2. “You’ll Definitely Win This Case”

    No lawyer can guarantee the outcome of your case, no matter how strongly your claim is backed up with evidence (nor, for that matter, can an attorney say for sure how big of a settlement you’re likely to get). There are no guarantees in the legal system, and you need to know that going in. Any lawyer who tells you otherwise simply isn’t being honest with you.

  3. “You Shouldn’t Consider a Settlement”

    In most accident injury lawsuits, you’ll get a settlement offer long before your case goes to trial. Often, this settlement will be a good deal and you should consider it; only about 2% of personal injury cases end up being decided in court, and that’s because the time and expense of a trial often aren’t worth fighting for a slightly larger settlement. There are times, of course, when going to trial will be the best course of action. But an attorney who tells you that taking a settlement shouldn’t even be on the table is likely looking to increase legal fees, not your compensation.

What else should go on this list? Share your ideas in the comments.

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