• Do You Fear That Your Marriage Is in Trouble?

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    Marriage is not easy.
    As the statistics show, in fact, 40% to 50% of all marriages in America will end in divorce. Additionally, 60% of all second marriages end in divorce.
    And while no person enters a marriage thinking that they will not be successful, it is true that the one in every two marriages might benefit from the help of a family law representative or divorce lawyer. Families with children who are thinking of divorce might especially find these legal professionals to be helpful.
    divorce is never easy, but if you find a family law prof Continue Reading

  • Why You Shouldn’t Fight DUI Charges Alone

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    It can be terrifying to end up on the wrong end of a DUI charge. Although a DUI may not be the worst crime you could be charged with, it’s still a serious one — and comes with real consequences. Lots of people believe that they can’t fight a DUI charge, especially if their blood alcohol level was confirmed to be over the legal limit. Therefore, they resign themselves to a conviction, often not even hiring a DUI attorney. Some don’t think that the DUI attorney cost is worth it, even if they could fight the charge. They’re wrong on both accounts. Not only is the typical DUI attorney cost worth it — it can often save you a lot of time and money in the long term. A DUI charge isn’t always something you can completely escape. In many cases, you may be convicted. But that doesn’t mean you have Continue Reading

  • Steps to Take When Charged with Assault

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    According to recent research collected in 2014, aggravated assaults made up 63.6% of violent crimes that were reported. All it takes is for one situation to get out of control for a crime to be committed. However, there are certain circumstances that can get you out of facing any charges at all. In this post, we will discuss which types of assault there are, exceptions to criminal charges, and when to call an attorney.

    There are a few different types of assault that can occur. Determining which type of violence has occurred will help determine possible charges faced. Some instances of this crime are not seen as criminally severe as other examples. Certain situations can even have you exempt from facing any charges at all.

    Verbal assault takes place when someone threaten Continue Reading

  • Is Your Friend in an Unhealthy Relationship? 3 Ways You Can Help

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    Part of being a best friend is helping the other person out through the hard times. It?s easy to be enjoyable while you and your friends are doing something fun, but it?s those who are there when things get rough are who are the true best friends.

    If one of your friends is involved in an unhealthy and even unsafe relationship, it?s time for you to step up. It?s time for you to get them help. It?s time for you to help them as much as you can get though the most difficult time of their entire life. It?s time for you to be a best friend.

    Call the Authorities

    If your friend is in immediate danger as a result of an unhealthy relationship, or you?ve seen evidence of physical damage like scars, cuts, black eyes, and bruises, you need to act immediately. Even though these si Continue Reading

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