Why Your Choice of Defense Attorney Matters

Highest level of legal representation

It can be very stressful and concerning when you are being charged with a legal crime. Your fate is in the hands of the legal system, and you could be serving jail time, serve many years on probation or be found innocent. Your life essentially gets put on hold while you await your sentence. You are concerned about your future and what possibilities you with have both career and social wise if you are charged with a crime. The outcome of the trial or sentencing can really affect and change your life. This is why it is extremely important to hire the best and most qualified legal representation. Your outcome, after all is riding on their experience and qualifications.

The difference between an acceptable attorney and a great attorney can mean jail time. It can also be the difference between serving a couple of months in prison versus serving a life sentence in prison. It can mean the difference of serving jail time for marijuana charges versus taking some drug treatment classes and serving a few months of probation for the same charges. The qualifications and experiences of an attorney really factor into the outcome of the charges in your legal case.

There are many reasons that you might be facing legal charges, some more serious than others. You could have been pulled over by a police office, while driving above the legal alcohol limit. A DUI defense attorney will not only know the legal limits, but will also know the outcome of previous cases similar to yours. They will have the ability to negotiate and to attempt to get a plea deal for a lesser sentence for you. A DUI defense attorney or a medical marijuana attorney who is not familiar with the DUI laws of the state or with previous DUI cases and their outcomes is likely to miss these points. They are likely to result in a higher sentencing and potential jail time for the defendant.

Another example is in the cases of domestic violence disputes. Domestic violence cases are often let off on probation and possible anger management classes. A domestic violence attorney can fight for these sentences, preventing the defendant from having to spend any time in jail. A domestic violence attorney who is underqualified or is not experienced with domestic violence cases may cause their defendant to serve time in jail. An underqualified domestic violence attorney may also not have the ability to have the domestic violence charge be expunged from the record. Domestic violence charges carry a lot of repercussions on someone?s record, preventing them from legally carrying a gun, landing certain jobs and having a previous record. A qualified and experienced domestic violence defense attorney has the ability and the knowledge to potentially have the charges expunged from the defendant?s record. This essentially means that the domestic violence attorney pleas to have the defendant?s record sealed, and only opened back up in the event of additional legal charges. An assault attorney and their knowledge of the legal system are very important.

There are many reasons that someone might face legal charges. They could be charged with operating a vehicle above the state?s legal alcohol limit, domestic violence charges or even usage of marijuana. The sentencing of these cases really depend on the persons qualifications that is representing the case. The difference between a qualified and experienced attorney handling a case can mean less jail time, the expunging of a record and the ability to receive probation over any jail time at all.

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