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Are You One of the 70% of Americans Who Believe Alcohol Is More Harmful Than Marijuana?

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Many things are very different in Nebraska where you and your husband are raising your two children. A vacation to Washington state during the summer of 2016, however, indicated to you that things are even more different now in the state of Washington where you grew up. On the first morning of vacation you stopped at an espresso drive thru. They are a dime a dozen here and you didn’t even pay attention to the name of the business. Imagine your surprise when the barista came to the window wearing NOTHING but a g-string, pasties and a microscopic vest.
Looking at the name of the establishment for the first time and realizing that it was called Foxy Ladies helped explain the attire. You knew bikini espresso stands were a thing up here but, until this morning, you kinda assumed the baristas actually wore bikinis. Luckily, your eight year old son was engrossed in Minecraft and was oblivious. Your 13-year old daughter, however, saw it all and as you pulled away, said, “Mom, that is something you just don’t see in Nebraska!”
An understatement to say the least, but she was getting used to the different climate after yesterday’s experience. On that outing your daughter asked what were all of the green crosses on the signs. You explained that those were businesses that sell marijuana. It’s legal in Washington, just like alcohol. You then went on to explain that used responsibly by adults, regulated by law and all the information you have read. This was a conversations you had not realized you would be having with your daughter!
The Times They Are a Changing
Thirty years ago if you were looking for a lawyer for a marijuana case, you were likely fighting an arrest charge. Today, however, cannabis law is a growing field and a marijuana business lawyer helps set up new businesses in states that are legalizing not only the medical use, but also the recreational use of marijuana. Marijuana business lawyers find themselves especially busy as the outlook for the increasing number of businesses continues to grow. In fact, 2016 sales projections for the legal marijuana industry are nearing the $6 billion range.
Currently, 25 states, as well as the district of Columbia, have laws that legalize marijuana in one form or another. The District of Columbia, Colorado, Alaska, Oregon, and Washington all have laws on the books that make recreational marijuana use legal. Additionally, 20 more states have legalized medical marijuana. br>
Not surprisingly, as each new state changes its laws to expand the legal use of marijuana, cannabis law groups find themselves helping more and more individuals set up businesses to serve this growing part of the economy. And as these states find a growing number of businesses, investors are also preparing business plans, with the help of marijuana business lawyers, for other states that are projected to legalize this product. The current attitude in America seems to support further expansion. For instance, recent polls indicate that between 46% and 58% of the American population believe marijuana should be legally regulated. When asked about the medical use of marijuana, nearly 80% of Americans say that they are supportive.
What Has Shifted in America’s Opinion About Marijuana?
Proponents of recreational marijuana use cite a number of studies in their support of more favorable cannabis legislation. For instance, an Institute of Medicine study found that fewer than 10% of those who try marijuana ever meet the clinical criteria for dependence. This low percentage compares to 32% of tobacco users meeting the criteria and 15% of alcohol users who do. It is likely that America’s changing attitude could be a result of these kinds of studies.

Other favorable research indicates that 50% of Americans say they would not be bothered if a business or store that legally sells marijuana opened up in their neighborhood. In fact, nearly 70% of Americans believe alcohol is more harmful than marijuana to a person’s health. A cannabis attorney is in high demand as entrepreneurs make plans for their upcoming business plans. Filing the necessary paperwork and understanding the laws about how much of a product can be sold are important factors that a marijuana business lawyer can help explain.

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