What to Expect During the Legal Process

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You are involved in some type of a legal case and you are probably feeling confused and scared. You don?t know what to expect and you don?t know the appropriate steps to take to ensure that you receive proper representation. Being accused of a crime can result in serious consequences, depending on the crime and it can really change your life. It is important to go into the process with some amount of knowledge and understand what to expect during the trial. The best way to gain useful information into the trail process and what to expect is to hire a qualified and experienced attorney.

There are many different reasons that you might be dealing with a legal case. It could be the result of a criminal offense charge, a drunk driving incident, a family or domestic dispute or even a misdemeanor such as driving on a cell phone or while texting. In fact at any given daylight moment across America, approximately 660,000 drivers are using cell phones or manipulating electronic devices while driving. This results in a lot of people being charged with additional charges, such as distracted driving. While not all of these will require the services of an attorney, an attorney may be necessary when there are additional charges involved.

Hiring an experienced law firm for your case will not only help you know what to expect, it can also reduce your sentence and get you less probation or jail time. Attorneys are very knowledgeable of the individual laws and of the minimum recommended jail time that accompanies each crime. They are also aware of previous cases that are similar to yours and what they have received as a consequence. These things can all help your case. An experienced attorney will also understand their specific state?s laws, as a state?s laws can change from state to state. For example, the first time you are arrested for drunk driving in the state of Oregon, you will receive a mandatory 1 year suspension of your driver?s license. You will also spend a minimum of 48 hours in jail or be ordered to serve 80 hours of community service. The fine for your first DUII in Oregon will be a minimum of $1,000. Different states will carry stricter laws, and a qualified DUI law office and attorney will be able to provide you with this knowledge.

The services of a qualified attorney become especially important when it comes to a criminal defense case. A criminal defense attorney can be the difference of jail time versus probation. It can be the difference of carrying a felony to your name, versus a sealed record. When a criminal case is involved, it is important to hire an experienced and highly qualified attorney in your specific area of criminal law. A law firm that specializes in criminal cases will provide consultation and provide you with information on what to expect during the entire criminal investigation trial.
An attorney can even be beneficial during a civil case. Many people may choose to save money during civil cases, because they do not have as much as stake. However, having an attorney can increase not only your amount awarded, but also your chances of winning the case. The annual cost of civil lawsuits to the U.S> economy is $239 billion.

Attorneys provide consultation and representation when navigating the legal system. The legal system can be confusing and the outcome can really change your life. It is important, when dealing with charges, to hire an attorney that is both qualified and experienced to represent you. It could mean the difference between jail time and probation. It could also mean the difference between carrying a stigma of a felony on your name versus getting another chance.

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