Need a DUI Lawyer? Better Find a Great Communicator

Drivers license suspension

“Just how do I find a good attorney?”, you might ask yourself after being pulled over for driving under the influence. You may assume that once that ticket is given, there is nothing to be done. But that is simply not true. A DUI DWI attorney has the experience necessary to protect your rights as the convicted, and can effectively petition for the best possible outcome. The question then becomes, how to find a good DUI attorney before you appear at court. Read below for guidance on this stressful process.

When looking for a DUI lawyer for your case, it is best to go with someone who you understand. Many lawyers can fall into confusing legalese, which may prevent you from feeling comfortable asking pertinent questions. You and your lawyer will need to communicate with each other effectively, about the event, the court appearance, and the final outcome.

For example, perhaps you think you know all about drinking and driving laws, and so you leave out information about the event that seems unrelated. But did you know that different states have differing laws about drinking and driving? Your DUI DWI attorney can explain the differences if you are unfamiliar with your state’s specifics.

If you feel comfortable speaking with a DUI DWI attorney, it is time to ask them a few questions. Ask them where they studied law; when they graduated and for how long they have actually practiced law; how many cases similar to yours they have argued for, or how often; their success rate with cases similar to yours; and how often they petition for a plea bargain. If their answers satisfy you, and it seems they may be a great defender for your case it is time to ask questions specific to your case.

Sometimes a plea bargain is the way to go with these types of cases. But maybe your attorney notices something off in your story that can benefit or tip things to your favor. An attorney is able to spot details that can change everything, such as a standard procedure that the arresting police officer may have blundered. It may seem like an insignificant detail from your perspective, but those details are what a good DUI DWI attorney are on the lookout for in cases.

A DUI is serious for a number of reasons. Supposing no property and no one is injured, a DUI can seriously derail a person’s future. It is a criminal offense if convicted, and can negatively effect a person’s future prospects such as applying for a loan or their employment prospects. Do yourself a favor and protect your rights.

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