Find the Right Defense Attorney with These 5 Tips

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If you have been charged with driving under the influence (DUI), you have options. Even if you have taken a breathalyzer and there is video of you, your attorney can contest that. Any evidence collected during your arrest can be deemed inadmissible in court. A DUI conviction is serious and can have very negative effects on your life. It can impact your future employment opportunities and ability to get credit and take out loans for a new home or car. If you have been arrested for this, you need a good attorney. Most DUI charges are misdemeanors, some are felonies. If your case falls into the latter category, a conviction can result in the loss of many of your civil rights, including the right to vote. It is essential that you find the best attorney to fight for you.

5 Tips for Finding the Right Defense Attorney for Your Case:

  1. Ask the people in your life that you trust. Most people have not been charged with felonies but that does not mean you do not know someone who has needed the services of a criminal defense attorney. You should not just go with someone who was recommended to you because every case is different and you need a law firm that will work for you but this is a good way to start. Getting personal recommendations is the best way to find any goods or services and this is no different.
  2. Talk to at least a few criminal defense firms. All law firms offer a first consultation for free. Take advantage of this and go into a few with a list of questions. Take your time with them. This is a normal part of the way they do business and they expect people to take their time. This is a very important decision for you and should not be rushed. You need to be confident that your defense will be handled the way you want it to be. You also need to have all of your questions answered and feel comfortable with your legal team.
  3. Ask about their experience with your kind of case. Not all criminal law cases are the same. Not all felonies are the same. You need to talk to them about how much experience they have with your charges. What has their experience with your prosecutor been? What is their experience negotiating with this person? What about with your judge? You need someone who has a lot of experience working with the other side. Ask who will be working on your case, how much experience do they have with felonies?
  4. Find out about their reputation. Most criminal cases are plead out. At least 97% of all cases are settled this way. If you go to trial and lose, your sentence will be a lot longer than if you take a plea. if you win, great but you need to know this is a risk. With that in mind, the law firm you pick should have a tack record of dealing with your prosecutor and have a great reputation with the court. It helps your credibility and will give you a better chance at getting a better deal.
  5. Ask about the fee structure. Every law practice does this differently. Will they charge by the hour? Do they have a flat fee? What exactly will that cover? What do they do about research? These are all questions you need to have answered. It is important for you to know what your options are and what you can afford. There may be financing options available and you may be able to work out a payment plan. They cannot say yes if you do not ask so ask.

If you have been arrested for anything, it is a really scary and stressful experience. You may feel like you are in a bad place and it will never get better. It will get better but you need to think clearly and rationally when talking to criminal defense law firms. This is a big decision and you need to take it seriously.


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