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Navigating the Legal Side of Equipment Rental Services

If one has an equipment rental service, they will need to be aware of the legal minefield that they may be walking into. State and local governments heavily regulate equipment rental businesses, and if one doesn’t comply with the law, it can spell certain doom for their business (Watch the video below for more content about this topic). Here are two things one can do before opening their doors for equipment rental service to ensure that they don’t run afoul of the law:

Knowing What One Can and Cannot Rent

It is essential to know what equipment one can and cannot rent. For example, if a person wants to rent out a backhoe, there will be specific regulations about how this equipment must be maintained and operated.

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One must also ensure that their workers are trained in safely operating any heavy machinery and properly maintaining it.

Get Insurance

Insurance is another very crucial aspect of running an equipment rental service. Since one will have several pieces of heavy machinery on hand, a catastrophic event could result in significant damage to their building or even a nearby business. Contact home for more details.


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