Injured at Work and Don’t Know What to Do Next?

Injured at work

If you were recently injured at work, you might be wondering if you need to start looking into workers compensation lawyers. It is likely that you have a lot of questions right now. While the internet can give you some answers, it is always best to consult a professional directly. Each incident is unique, and you may have specific questions that cannot be divined from generic articles.

People get injured at work all the time. It is why some shops have a little “Injury Free for (blank) Days” sign. Take the year 2013: there were over 327,000 reported sprains; about 229,000 falls; and nearly 170,500 back injuries. That is quite a lot of workers compensation claims. In that same year it was estimated that workers averaged eight days off of work to recover. Some obviously may have required more, and some less. While time off was likely necessary, there is the chance of missed pay if the claim is contested. That is when workers compensation lawyers are needed.

As a workers compensation law firm knows, workers are usually injured unexpectedly. The professions with the greatest chance of injury may not be the ones you expect. For example, nursing orderlies and assistants suffer from three times as many back injuries and related problems as construction workers do. It may be that their job is more rigorous than expected, or perhaps the proper care is not taken when lifting or moving heavy things. It is important for places of employment to educate their workers on proper movement and safety on the job. Workers compensation lawyers will be able to look at the facts of your injury and determine who was at fault.

Do not make the mistake of assuming blame. It could be that no one was at fault, exactly. But there still remains the doctor’s bills and the necessary time off of work to heal. The reality is that sometimes, even when we are really careful, things still go wrong. People get hurt. What matters is how the injured are taken care of after the incident. Speak to one of the workers compensation lawyers in your area if you are having trouble with your workers compensation. After all, how much could it hurt?

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