Construction An Industry That Calls for the Help of Attorneys


Labor law is becoming an important aspect of many different industries. And, which is the most injury-causing industry that you can think of? Every year, thousands of people are killed and much more injured in the construction industry. This is why it is important to have the experience of employment lawyers on your side and know when to hire a business litigation attorney for all of your needs.

What You Need to Know About the Growth of Construction

In 2016 alone, the construction market in the U.S. was worth more than $1,162 billion. It is easy to understand that this is the industry where most injuries occur every single year. Many of these cases don’t actually end in trial. Most of the time, they are settled with the help of your attorney through a process known as alternative dispute resolution (ADR). This is the preferred conflict management process for those who have been injured in the construction industry, because the cases are not very time consuming. For instance, the median time in cases is just over 200 days, or less than 8 months in time. Many people choose to handle their cases through ADR. The largest case that was ever handled was a claim of $232 million, while the smallest case was just $23,000.

In 2005, a review was done that found that civil cases filed in state courts can lead to decent results. Plaintiffs tend to win bench trials 68% of time and jury trials 54% of the time. Attorneys want to help you reach the best results possible without having to compromise in any way. This is why it helps to consider hiring a business and injury attorney who can protect your rights when you feel as if a contractor or other employer owes you certain rights. Perhaps you feel as if your rights have been violated in the workplace, and it is time to act.

Speaking to an attorney can help you feel firm about the decisions you make in your case. All attorneys can help you prove your claim and get results today.

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