What Does a Personal Injury Lawyer Do?

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Road accidents in America are happening every day: in fact estimates are that someone is hurt in a drunk driving incident every two minutes, and 35% of the new spinal cord injuries that present in America every year are the result of car accidents or a motorcycle injury. The United States sees six million auto accidents every year, resulting in three million injuries and more than two million deaths. Many of these accidents will end in a personal injury lawsuit. In fact, 52% of the time people call a personal injury law firm, it’s because of an accident, and there are a lot of other reasons someone might want to sue for personal injury, as well. So what does a personal injury law firm and its attorneys do, exactly?

  1. A personal injury law firm represents the interests of those who have been hurt because of someone’s negligence. This is the most basic definition of personal injury lawyers. The injury may be physical, psychological, or both; but if there is reason to suspect that the hurt was caused because a person or organization was being negligent about the safety of others, a personal injury lawyer helps the injured party.
  2. A personal injury law firm sorts out all the confusion. Personal injury cases can be very complicated. There may be multiple injured parties with injuries that are very different. There may also be issues sorting out which insurance companies are responsible for what, and at what point. This is often far too much for an individual to navigate alone without the help of a lawyer.
  3. A personal injury law firm goes to battle with insurance companies. Some cases are settled in a very straightforward manner, but it’s also possible for an insurance company to either deny coverage or to challenge whether the person, company, or property they cover was actually liable. Many of these companies have the resources and expertise to drag a case out far beyond the ability of the average individual to keep going on their own. Individuals trying to make a case without legal help may find themselves getting frustrated and simply drop all claims. Personal injury legal firms know how to go toe to toe with the insurance companies.
  4. A personal injury law firm knows what is needed medically. Handling injuries can be overwhelming, whether those injuries are physical or mental. Experienced personal injury lawyers will know how to get their clients to the right medical personnel. The right medical assessment will support a claim, avoid it being blamed on a pre-existing condition, and make sure everything is properly documented in the way the courts will demand.
  5. A personal injury law firm knows how to navigate the legal landscape. When it comes to filing claims, things can get frustratingly specific. Everything must be done just on time and in just the right way, or a case could be denied or vital evidence excluded from consideration. Attorneys with experience in personal injury know how to bring a lawsuit and also how to negotiate settlements when that’s in the best interest of their clients.

Getting injured can be a very traumatic experience, and attempting to get fair compensation for another’s negligence can simply increase compound the frustration and difficulty. Getting legal help is the best way to assess the merits of a personal injury claim and make sure that claim is successful.

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