6 Ways to Reiterate “NO” to Timeshare Salespeople

The timeshare industry is popular totaling over 70 billion dollars, with about 3% of all households owning one. Despite their popularity though, that doesn’t make them a good idea. With the average price of a timeshare totaling more than $20,000 and the incredible amount of work involved in getting rid of them, there are plenty of reasons to say no to a timeshare. While the thought of saying no at a timeshare presentation may seem simple enough, you may find it is not that easy. Read below to see other tips to keep you from falling victim to the timeshare salespeople.

Monthly Payments

This is a big key when getting out of a timeshare presentation. There are many people that are going to come and talk to you. One after another, and each one is going to bring you a different deal better than the last in order to try to get you to purchase a timeshare option. The term “monthly payment” is going to be key here. No matter how much wheeling and dealing they do, the monthly payment is going to be a problem. You may have to say this a number of times, and stick to your guns, but this is one sure fire way to ensure you wont be contacting a timeshare cancellation attorney to get advice on getting out of a timeshare contract.

Eat Before Hand

Many times you will be offered a meal while attending a timeshare presentation. Bear in mind that this meal will most likely be served at the end of the presentation, which could last as much as three hours! someone who is hungry or thirsty will tend to make irrational decisions compared with someone who is comfortable. These rash decisions could very well lead to searching for a timeshare cancellation lawyer to assist you with a timeshare contract release, a contract that you never intended to get into in the first place.

Don’t Bring Payment Methods

While this may sound a little fishy, this is one way to ensure that no checks get written and no cards get charged. If these items are in your room, you must walk to go get them. This can give you a significant amount of time to ponder a decision you probably don’t want to make in the first place. This little breather offers time away from the high pressure salespeople trying to sell you something you don’t really want anyhow. This small break can be the difference between walking away empty handed or dreadfully searching for timeshare contract release options once you get home.

Explore the Property Before Hand

Make a list of your complaints about the property while you are staying there. Take this list with you to the presentation. This can help you remember why you are saying “no.” Explore this list with each salesperson that you come in contact with, and let them know you are not interested for these reasons that you have listed.


If you are currently renting and not a home owner, then it makes perfect sense for a big purchase to be towards a home of your own and not a timeshare property. Explain this to the salespeople, and stand your ground. Priorities for a growing family should include a home before a travel destination is thought about.

Say No to Alcohol

The timeshare property is not the only thing that you should be saying no to. Free alcoholic drinks may seem tempting, but rest assured there is an ulterior motive behind these drinks. Alcohol makes you relax, but it also clouds your judgement. Stay away from the alcohol and you won’t wake up the next day regretting the drinks and researching timeshare contract release ideas.

Use these tips and remember to stay strong. Getting into a timeshare is much easier than getting out of one. Someone to help with a timeshare contract release is the best bet for those who have fallen victim to the timeshare salespeople, but using these tips to avoid purchasing maybe you can keep from falling victim.

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