• 6 Ways to Reiterate “NO” to Timeshare Salespeople

    The timeshare industry is popular totaling over 70 billion dollars, with about 3% of all households owning one. Despite their popularity though, that doesn’t make them a good idea. With the average price of a timeshare totaling more than $20,000 and the incredible amount of work involved in getting rid of them, there are plenty of reasons to say no to a timeshare. While the thought of saying no at a timeshare presentation may seem simple enough, you may find it is not that easy. Read below to see other tips to keep you from falling victim to the timeshare salespeople.

    Monthly Payments

    This is a big key when getting out of a timeshare presentation. There are many people that are going to come and talk to you. One after another, and each one is going to bring you a different deal better than the last in order to try to get you to purchase a timeshare option. The term “monthly payment” is going to be key here. No matter how much wheeling and dealing they do, t Continue Reading