5 Reasons to Hire a Military Divorce Lawyer

While it’s an unfortunate situation, divorce is often a part of life. In fact, statistics show that the average marriage lasts about eight years before it ends in divorce. Considering that, certain people serving our country must deal with this problematic situation. It’s understandable to feel overwhelmed while dealing with the thought of a looming divorce. During this time, many people contact military divorce attorneys. With that in mind, here are five important reasons to hire a military divorce lawyer.

  • A Professional Evaluation of Your Case

    It’s rare that a divorce between two people goes smoothly. You might have heard horror stories from others going through a divorce. Instead of talking about your divorce to other people, speak with a military divorce lawyer. In turn, you’ll be able to speak with a lawyer regarding what you want out of your divorce.
  • Help for Negotiations with the Other Party

    If you’re unable to meet in the middle with your ex, a lawyer can help with this problem. Discussions between two parties going through a divorce often turns sours. In most cases, emotions are still raw which could mean a discussion quickly turns into a screaming match. Military divorce lawyers are used to negotiating with a wide range of people. Therefore, these lawyers are great to have on your side when you need a professional negotiator working on your behalf.
  • Military Divorces Are Different Than Others

    A traditional divorce can feel complicated for anyone. That being said, military divorces are far different than others. For instance, there’s the division of military benefits that you’re accumulating. Another delicate situation during a military divorce involves children. Statistics show that nearly 50% of children throughout the United States have parents who are divorced. A military lawyer will help you navigate these situations.
  • Assistance with Document Preparation and Filing

    Divorces are often draining for people to go through. However, important work needs to be taken care of become a divorce can become final. During a traditional divorce, there’s a lot of documents that need to be prepared and filed. Instead of trying and hoping that documents will be filed properly, it’s much wiser to have a lawyer help you with these matters.
  • Avoiding Representing Yourself

    You’re probably not wanting to think about the other party involved in your divorce. However, you’ll need to realize that they’re likely to have legal representation of your own. Considering that, you’ll definitely want to have a military lawyer on your side. Representing yourself might look easy on television shows or in the movies. In reality, this isn’t a wise idea. Instead of placing yourself against a legal professional, hire a lawyer to represent you.

If you’ve served your country, it’s wise to have the help of a military divorce lawyer. Divorces affect a wide range of military people from all branches. In fact, a recent study found that divorce rates for those deployed in the United States Navy are nearly 12.5%. You’ll want to make sure that you’re finding a divorce lawyer who specifically handles military divorce proceedings. After finding the right lawyer, you’ll have a helping hand throughout your military divorce.

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