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When should I get an attorney for a car accident

In this YouTube video, Kelly Law Team discusses when it might be a good idea to retain a car accident attorney. Not all car accidents may need legal representation to resolve them. Each situation should be evaluated carefully.

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A person should look at how many individuals were involved in the accident and whether there are apparent injuries. Not all injuries can be seen. The more severe the bodily damage or, the more soft-tissue injury that occurs, the higher the chances are that a person will need a car accident attorney to resolve the matter.

Insurance companies want to minimize the payout of claims when possible. A person’s interests should be represented and protected, especially when the victim may not be at fault. Were there any hospital visits? If so, there would be larger medical bills involved. Injuries may develop complications, and later, need further medical care. A person should avoid settling a claim directly with the insurance company in those cases. An attorney can help negotiate with hospitals to ensure all care providers were correctly paid after the settlement.

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