What To Do If You’ve Been In A Car Accident

Life is fraught with a lot of misunderstandings and complications. It’s a fact of life but, unfortunately, it’s true and both misunderstandings and complications can arise suddenly and without warning. There are all kinds of complications that can suddenly pop up in life, from ones that involve legal challenges and legal matters to ones that involve living wills, wills an trusts and medical directives. No matter what the damage might be, we have to learn how to deal with these complications gracefully and with patience, no matter how bad they might be. With enough patience and clarity you can get through anything, no matter how complicated or overwhelming it seems. But what kinds of complications will arise and how will you deal with them? There are so many, after all, and they come in all shapes and sizes depending on the person that they are afflicting. A high school teacher is going to have a very different experience in terms of problems than, say, a mechanic or a world leader. A high school teacher might have unruly students or administration troubles stemming from a shift in leadership while a mechanic may have to deal with a car that is wrecked, bill troubles and trying to find a new garage in which to house her business and the business of her employees. These sorts of complications are very different and they are going to require very different approaches to solve effectively. It isn’t like you can just take one set of solutions and apply it to a completely separate situation, after all. A world leader is going to have to deal with foreign ambassadors and managing economies, both problems that are functionally worlds apart from the smaller issues of student management and car maintenance. Let’s take a slightly closer look at one very specific problem and what you can do to deal with it, both during the experience and in the days afterward.
Starting Out
Say you are driving down a country road in the mid evening. The sun is low over the hills and is somewhat obstructing your vision, enough where you have to squint and put your visor down. You are doing your best but the conditions aren’t perfect and there’s only so much you can. Now, coming down the other way is a car with multiple people, let’s say a couple and they are deep in a spirited discussion about something. Say, what they both thought of about a movie or maybe talking about the economy. So they aren’t paying full attention and, due to the conditions, you can only pay the amount of attention the evening sun will let you. You don’t notice you are partially in the other lane and neither do they, until it’s almost too late. You swerve away in enough time to avoid the catastrophic damage, both physical damage and mental damage, of a head on collision but you still swipe each other and have to pull over to the side. What happens next?
The Next Step of an Accident
The first thing you should do is make sure that you are functionally and fully ok in terms of physical damage. Fortunately, in this instance, despite some cuts on your arms, you are alright. There’s nothing bleeding too badly and you can move alright. Once you’ve established that you are in no current danger you should contact someone to let them know you are ok. A spouse or a friend is a good option, in this regard. You should then get clear of the car and check to see if everyone is ok in the other car. You go and see that the couple is also relatively unharmed but their car doors have suffered a bit more damage than yours. Once you’ve established a basic code of health and safety for all parties, you then need to proceed to the next step which is is make sure everyone is calm and then check both of your cars for the extent of damage. After that, you can begin to get the attorneys involved and sort out who is responsible for what in terms of the damages.

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