Three Reasons You Should Fight a DWI Charge

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DWI charges are very serious matters, and it’s important to realize that the consequences of driving while intoxicated may be much greater than you can even predict. But with that being said, it’s also important to realize that a DWI arrest doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re guilty. Just like any other crime you could be charged with, you’re innocent until proven guilty.

It isn’t easy to fight a DWI charge and it’s definitely something that requires the assistance of a lawyer — but it can be done. Moreover, the punishments of drunk driving convictions can be incredibly severe; a charge for driving while intoxicated isn’t something that you want to leave up to fate.

Here are just a few common ways that a DWI conviction can severely affect your life:

  • Even if it’s your first DWI conviction, the punishments can be pretty harsh. In most cases, drivers will face fees and will be required to attention DUI classes (which are similar to driver’s ed classes), and it’s also possible to lose driving privileges and face jail time.

  • It’s possible to get a light sentence for a DWI charge, but even the lightest sentences can be problematic for years down the road. Potential employers and landlords can access criminal records, including a conviction for driving while intoxicated, and they can refuse employment or housing opportunities based on this information.

  • And of course, your car insurance rates are guaranteed to skyrocket if you’re charged with drunk driving; it’s possible for an insurance company to bump up your auto rates for years after a DWI incident, even if you manage to keep a squeaky-record after that one case.

Depending on the damage caused in a DWI case, it’s possible that the consequences could be even more severe; for a driver who has already received a DWI conviction in the past, the punishments of another conviction are going to be even worse.

It’s not always possible to get the charges dropped completely, but even if you’re able to get the charges lessened, it can be worth a lot in the long run.

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