The Top Three Types of Traffic Tickets

Getting caught driving with a suspended license

It’ nearly impossible these days for drivers to avoid getting traffic tickets; in many cases, drivers aren’t even knowingly breaking traffic laws, because the laws can differ quite a bit between states (and even between counties).

When police officers patrol the streets and look for traffic violations, here are the most common types of traffic tickets that are handed out:

  1. Speeding: This one probably isn’t surprising at all, and there’s a good chance that you’ve gotten a traffic ticket for speeding before if you drive regularly. The important thing to remember in order to avoid speeding tickets is that speed limits may change quite often, especially within town or city limits. Even if you’re driving just a few MPH over the posted speed limit, a police officer can issue you a ticket.

  2. Stop Sign and Traffic Light Violations: These are also pretty common today. Many drivers don’t come to a “full” stop at intersections with posted stop signs, and it’s also fairly common for drivers to interpret yellow lights as “drive faster” instead of “slow down.” Traffic lights are timed very specifically so that drivers who are going the speed limit will be able to stop safely when the light turns yellow or pass through the yellow light safely before it turns red.

  3. Reckless Driving and Distracted Driving: These misdemeanor traffic offenses are becoming more associated with cell phone use each year, primarily because talking on the phone and/or texting while driving have led to some very serious car accidents in recent years. Although there are a few exceptions to these laws which allow drivers to make phone calls while driving (usually only in emergency situations), the general feeling here is that cell phone use can be just as dangerous as other forms of reckless driving, like unsafe lane changes or broken headlights.

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