The Three ‘R’s of Hiring the Right Traumatic Brain Injury Lawyer

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The aftermath of any injury can be painful and frustrating, but a traumatic brain injury brings even more complications to the table.

Finding the right personal injury lawyer is important in any situation, but even more so in the case of a serious brain injury. So to avoid unnecessary stress in your search, here are three “R”s to help you find the right traumatic brain injury lawyer.


Just like medicine, law is a field with numerous general practitioners and specialists. Traumatic brain injury attorneys happen to be members of the specialist group, as they specialize in a very specific type of lawsuit. However, just like your primary care physician can refer you to a specialist, a family lawyer can refer you to a lawyer who practices in the specific field that your case in rooted in. Not only that, but your doctors can also refer you to a good brain injury lawyer if you’re a victim of a car accident and suffering from a traumatic brain injury.


While a referral is a strong tool, it’s important to do your own research as well. You can pursue this as a supplement to referrals, or even on your own before you gather any referrals. This way, if your results match up with a referral, you’re sure to pick an attorney that will understand and aid you in your case. However, there are things to be wary of in online research. For example, if a law firm’s website doesn’t mention anything about traumatic brain injury specialists, then they’re probably not the firm for you.


Fortunately, traumatic brain injuries aren’t all that common. That being said, it means that the odds of you knowing someone who has been through a similar experience are relatively low. Once you’ve narrowed down your search to one or two firms that you think could be the most helpful, ask for a list of previous clients and their contact information. Often, the most reliable resource is the list of references they give you. Nothing speaks to a firm’s quality of work and dedication quite like clients they’ve represented in the past.

There you have it. Through Referrals, Research, and References, you should be able to find the right traumatic brain injury lawyer with ease.

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