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The Foreclosure Process Explained

In this video, you will learn about foreclosure lawyers. Foreclosures are lawsuits that are filed in order to reclaim property. The last part of the process usually results in the property being sold.

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Most foreclosures are done by banks over loans. What makes foreclosures c=unique is that they have a separate contract called a mortgage. The foreclosure process is fairly lengthy. It can be 6 months or as long as two years. The process begins with a complete. If you don’t do anything about it, or respond, a default response will be taken and the property will be sold within a few months. If you respond to the foreclosure notice, sometimes you can work something out with a bank. If you hire a lawyer, their job is going to be to look through the entire loan document and see if you have any defense. There can be parts of the loan agreement that can be raised in a court of law. Lawyers can help you both raise and act as a buffer between you and the bank to try and get the deal done. Keep watching this video for more information on foreclosures.

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