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Top Questions to Ask Local Divorce Attorneys

How a person’s divorce is handled can affect the rest of their lives, including implications on child custody and personal finances.
This is why they must involve local divorce attorneys. According to the video, the first contact with an attorney can be overwhelming and intimidating for most people.

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The narrator also says it’s essential for people to understand that divorce isn’t an amicable resolution with their spouses, but rather a lawsuit. So, which questions should people ask?
How Much Does the Entire Process Cost?
People need to discuss financial matters with their attorneys before signing any documents. Specifically, people should ask about the lawyer’s hourly rate and retainer fee.
How Many Divorce Cases They’ve Handled?
It’s also vital for people to ask divorce attorneys how many cases they’ve handled. An experienced divorce attorney has better chance of success; as a result, the client can be confident of the results.
How Well Do They Know the Family Court Judges?
Clients need to enquire if the attorney understands the local family court judges and how they rule. This can be helpful because the attorney won’t be caught off-guard.

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