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Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin Push Ahead With “Conscious Uncoupling”

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Gwyneth Paltrow is raising her fair share of eyebrows. The actress recently announced intentions to “consciously uncouple” from Coldplay singer Chris Martin. According to the actress’ lifestyle page, Goop, the couple will forgo a traditional uncontested divorce and pass up on mediation for child custody.

What Will Happen?

Paltrow and her soon-to-be ex-husband Martin will, for one, avoid referring family law attorneys or family divorce attorneys in a straightforward manner. The couple is extremely conscious of the impact of uncontested divorce with children and hopes to approach the split as amicably as possible. Instead of court proceedings, the stars are opting for a ceremony to mark their conscious uncoupling. According to The Huffington Post, “It will be ceremony officiated by [Paltrow’s] ‘very good friend’ Kabbalah guru Michael Berg and her other ‘very good friend’ Episcopal priest Cynthia Bourgealt.” In an unlikely break from tradition, “[Paltrow] will wear a custom uncoupled pantsuit by Stella McCartney… It’ll be white. There will be an acoustic number by Chris, with the kids singing backup,” the publication adds. Paltrow and Martin plan to remain friends to make the transition as simple as possible for their children. True to their word, the pair even went on a vacation together after Paltrow’s announcement.

Are Others Likely To Follow Suit?

What’s the verdict? Can changing the term for child custody attorney or custody lawyer truly help kids cope? Does the media support Paltrow’s uncoupling ceremony? Opinions are highly divided. NPR actually heralded the couple’s decision, describing it as markedly creative. Other news groups, however, suggest that Paltrow and Martin are taking it too far — and unfairly belittling couples who choose a more traditional route when calling it quits.

Will you be the next one to consciously uncouple from your spouse? Either way, remember that prioritizing children — and carefully seeking the support of child custody attorneys — is likely to benefit the whole family in the long-run.

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