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Do You Know if You Are Applying for the Right Restraining Order

This video discusses restraining order attorneys, what restraining orders are, and the different types of restraining orders there are. Restraining orders are generally court orders that can help protect a person from being stalked, harassed, or harmed by another person. They usually get introduced during domestic violence cases, but they can come about in other situations as well.

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These restraining orders usually order one person to stay away from another person a certain distance.

Only two main categories of restraining order exist. They are civil restraining orders and criminal restraining orders. There are five different variations of restraining orders within those categories. Domestic violence restraining orders usually get filed because one person, such as a spouse, harms another person. There are also domestic harassment restraining orders. Those might involve text bombs and repetitive harassing phone calls. Elder or dependent adult abuse restraining orders might be necessary when someone inside of a nursing home or their own household harms a senior citizen or someone who is disabled. Workplace violence restraining orders are necessary when a physical altercation occurs because of workers and their coworkers, customers, or managers. They may be necessary to maintain peace and avoid further injury inside the establishment.

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