Bail Bonds What You Need to Know

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Being arrested comes with all kinds of unexpected costs: it can impact your job, your relationships, and of course, your freedom. However, it can also take a serious toll on your personal finances.

Even if we assume you have emergency savings tucked away for attorney costs, what about paying your bail to get out of jail in the first place? If you find yourself facing a steep bail amount, you may need to contact a bail bond agency to help.
Just five or six years ago, around 12 million men and women were processed through jails throughout the country. Given the fact that American jails have been operating at approximately 91% capacity since the year 2000, there are thousands of people who could use the assistance of a bail bond service.
A bail bond company works with the courts and their client to post the bond for the accused. In exchange for this service, the bail bondsman will charge a non-refundable fee — typically, 10% of the total bail amount — to his client. The client then gets out of jail for much less than the full bail amount, and the bail bondsman will guarantee to the court that his client will continue to make any further court appearances that are required.
On an average day, 60% of the total U.S. jail population is comprised of people who stand accused — but not convicted — of a crime and are being held until their charges are resolved. In addition, the Bureau of Justice Statistics found that between 1990 and 2006, there has been a 30% increase in the amount of individuals who require money to cover their bail. A full-service bail bond company could help many of these individuals get out of jail for much less than the bail amount, where they can get back to leading productive lives while they await trial.
It’s important to know your rights when it comes to bail. Among other points, the 8th Amendment prohibits the United States government from imposing excessive bail or fines. If the bail amount assigned to your case is simply too high a cost for you to bear, bail bonds may be a viable option for you to explore. Your bail bond agency is here to help you in your time of need, so you can get back to your family and job without an excessive financial strain.

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