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Are You Looking for Legal Protection from an Abuser?

Lawyer that will work hard for you

As Americans wake up the morning after the 2016 Presidential Election, the voters who represented the popular vote and the voters who ultimately determined the Electoral vote are either excited or angered and frustrated by the results. It is those negative emotions, however, that are what drives much of the change in our society. The legal system is a case in point.
From assault attorneys to sex crime attorneys to domestic violence attorneys, these legal representatives help clients deal with anger and frustration on a day by day and case by case basis. And while the highest level of legal representation may be the personnel who are trying the abuse cases in the country, an even more significant number of people are represented by lesser known and experienced assault attorneys.
The number of people who fear for their safety may have indeed increased as the electoral votes for states around the country supported a self proclaimed abuser of women’s rights, the number of people who are ready to protect the rights of those who are victims continues to grow. For while the nation may be in shock at the result of the votes cast 24 hours ago, many Americans are already preparing to help protect the rights of those who are feeling threatened, scared, and injured.
Assault attorneys look to not only protect those people who are injured or attacked by their spouse, they also look to protect those people who have fallen victim to police officers and others in positions of authority. And while the roles of sex crimes defense attorneys may seem very questionable on television series, the real work of the lawyer that will work hard for you goes on in much smaller and less famous courtrooms. Attempting to protect their clients from the threats and actions of their abusers is a task that family lawyers take very seriously.
Consider the following alarming facts about abuse in our country:

  • 25% of women will experience domestic violence during her lifetime.
  • 66% of female homicide cases involve a female who is killed by a family member or intimate partner.
  • 3 million children witness domestic violence in their homes every single year.
  • 30% to 60% of children who live in homes where there is domestic violence also suffer abuse or neglect at high rates.

This morning after the Presidential Election of 2016 is a time when many Americans are waking up more afraid than ever. It is also a morning, however, where an entire profession of legal representatives are dedicated even more than ever to protecting the countries victims.

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