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Are You Going in For Surgery? Having a Durable Power of Attorney is Recommended

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Surprisingly, about half of all drug overdose cases that result in a fatality can be traced back to pharmaceutical medication. Doctors may inadvertently prescribe medications that have serious side effects, or patients with a history of taking too much medication may have a fatal reaction when they ingest too many pills at once. A medical malpractice case may result in a wrongful death lawsuit, with family members prosecuting medical professionals for cases that they say could have been avoided.

Over 200,000 people die every year in America from medical malpractice: while many involve medical injuries due to surgery or allergic reactions to medication, more than two-thirds are reportedly due to errors on the part of medical caregivers. Although most hospitals and pharmacies make use of medical software to track dosages, prescriptions, and proper timing of medication distribution, errors do occur, however infrequently.

Many patients choose to complete power of attorney paperwork before undergoing extended hospital stays or major surgery: in the event of an eventual wrongful death lawsuit or even in cases of personal injury, many families want to make sure that they can prosecute hospitals or nursing homes if the need arises. Top law firms can often meet with clients at hospitals or other medical facilities to save time and to make sure that injuries are documented in advance of a lawsuit.

A lawyer for personal injury cases or car accidents may also
wish to meet with patients as close to the time of the injury as possible. Some claims may be delayed or denied without proper visual evidence: in the absence of a traditional photographic record, some courts do allow the admission of digital photographs that were posted on social media websites. Conversely, courts may also use social media records to attempt to disprove injury or disability claims.

Medical malpractice is a broad term, but it does describe any instance where health care professionals acted in a negligent fashion. Anesthesiologists have to undergo rigorous training to become certified and can be held professionally responsible for over-anesthetizing patients. Doctors who do not take the time to perform tests can often be held responsible for later injuries. A medical malpractice lawyer should be able to guide patients and their families toward a satisfactory resolution.

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