A Look At Mediation In Divorces

Getting married is accepted as a part of life. You grow up, you fall in love, and you get married. But marriage itself is becoming less and less of a routine with more people choosing to never get married altogether. But this does not mean that there are fewer couples in the United States. To the contrary, more than five and half million couples in the United States alone are currently living together before or instead of getting married, and even more unmarried couples in the country do not live together. Many people who choose not to get married have simply never been interested in it, and some see avoiding marriage as a way to make their relationship last and go the distance. After all, divorce is more common than it ever has been before, and the process of a divorce can be expensive, time consuming, and emotionally draining all at once.

Divorce is common all throughout the United States, as it is estimated that about half of all marriages today and in the present will end in divorce. Though this of course means that fifty percent of married couples will remain together and married for the rest of their lives, many people are not willing to take the risk that they will not. Fortunately, however, there are some ways to decrease your risk that your marriage will end in divorce. For one, having a college degree helps to reduce the risk of your marriage ending by nearly fifteen percent. This can possible be attributed to a number of factors, from a better start in life to simply having more resources to deal with the problems that you will inevitably face as a married couple. Having children has also been found to reduce your likelihood of facing a future divorce – by as much as an astounding forty percent, far from an insignificant number.

However, if you do have children and still eventually seek out a divorce, it is likely that the divorce process will be all the more complicated because of it. While the vast majority of children primarily live with their mothers after a divorce takes place – around seventy five percent of them, to be exact, three whole fourths, fathers are still likely to want to share custody in the vast majority of cases. This is likely to require divorce mediation help. Divorce mediation can be hugely helpful for those who are navigating a difficult divorce, as divorcing your significant other is difficult enough without worrying about the future for your children as well. Mediation for divorces is often recommended by your divorce attorney, and can be done as a way to prevent a divorce from needing to be seen before a judge and in a court room. Family mediation in particular can be hugely beneficial in such cases, as it will include the children and help them to understand what is happening, as well as letting them help to make a decision in some way, shape, or form.

Finally, it is important to know that there is life after a divorce. Most people first get divorced when they are still young – just over the age of thirty for men and only the age of twenty nine for women in the United States. And after needing to end one marriage, most people will typically fall in love again and get remarried later on, usually around three years later. Some people will even have three or four marriages throughout their lives.

Getting divorced from someone that you once pledged to spend your entire life with is no easy thing. It is often painful and expensive (with the typical divorce costing as much as forty two thousand and five hundred dollars and no less than one thousand and five hundred dollars) and can be long drawn out. Mediation services can help to make it more bearable – especially if you have children – and can help you to get on with your life as soon as is possible, leaving the end of your marriage in the past and helping you to move on with life. Family mediation can be instrumental in this process.

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