5 Times Your Should Call A Car Accident Lawyer

When do you need an auto accident attorney? This question is worth considering, especially given the fact that car accidents in America can cost a lot. In 2010 alone the combined economic cost of every car accident, truck accident, and motorcycle accident reached $242 billion. There’s so much going on whenever a car accident happens that you should think now about what to do when an auto wreck happens. Here are five times you should call a lawyer.

  1. After a traumatizing crash. When a bad accident happens, it can be easy to feel so overwhelmed and shaken up that calling a car wreck attorney is the last thing on anyone’s mind. Of course, the first priority is to make sure all injuries are taken care of, but it’s also important to remember that it’s never too soon to get the help of an auto accident attorney and find out what your options are for medical bills, physical therapy, car repairs, and dealing with insurance companies. You also want someone on your side so you know what to do when the insurance companies start calling and demanding statements or another way to deny liability.
  2. After minor injuries. If it seems that no one’s been hurt or that injuries are very minor, it might not seem important to call a car accident attorney. This, however, can be a very costly mistake. For one thing, some injuries don’t manifest until some time after the accident has occurred. For another, it’s not uncommon for the other party’s insurance company to try to deny all liability initially, and if you don’t have legal help already on your side it can be tempting to let that happen because it’s too complicated to figure out the issue on your own. If you’ve already called an auto accident attorney, you’ll be ready to deal with whatever comes up.
  3. When the insurance company tries to strong arm a statement of what happened. You have no obligation to give an account of the accident until you’re ready to do so, but many insurance companies like to get a statement as soon as possible. In the confusion and stress, you may not be able to give an accurate statement, and some insurance companies hope to take advantage of that state to lock you into an account that is in their favor. Hiring an attorney means you have someone on your side to help you make crucial legal and even financial decisions during this kind of stressful time.
  4. When you’re unsure how to proceed. The good news is that you never have an obligation to hire an auto accident attorney. Attorneys will often be happy to consult with you for free, so it doesn’t hurt to call and find out their view of the situation before making up your mind. If you’ve already called attorneys in your area, then you’re ready and know who to call if something does become problematic later, or if you become uncomfortable about handling the situation on your own.
  5. If you or a loved one have been injured and are unable to advocate. If you or someone you care about has been badly injured, the last thing you have time and emotional energy to do is to deal with the insurance agents or some other party’s lawyers. You need to concentrate on yourself or your loved one and the medical care and decisions that have to be made. A good auto accident attorney can be a strong voice advocating your behalf when you’re unable to do it your self.

No one wants to be in a car accident, but the truth is that they happen everyday to ordinary people. If you’ve been in an accident and someone else is at fault, be sure to protect yourself and your family by finding out all the legal options. Consult with a good auto accident attorney and you’ll always have peace of mind.

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