• Contact A Person Injury Attorney For All Protection and Help For Your Accident

    Accidents with commercial trucks

    Accidents happen. No matter how much we prepare for them or how cautious we are in our everyday lives, there are some events that are, unfortunately, out of our hands. While an accident can occur at any time at any place, a large number of accidents happen during travel. On the roads or highways, it doesn?t matter if you are driving in a car, riding a motorcycle, or simply biking in an area with a large population of vehicles, tragedy can strike at any moment. In the event of a car crash or any other motor vehicle related accident, there is also a chance that a life may be lost. There is an endless number of reasons for accidents to occur on the road. Worldwide, 1.2 million people die in car accidents ev Continue Reading

  • Why You Shouldn’t Fight DUI Charges Alone

    Search and seizure lawyer

    It can be terrifying to end up on the wrong end of a DUI charge. Although a DUI may not be the worst crime you could be charged with, it’s still a serious one — and comes with real consequences. Lots of people believe that they can’t fight a DUI charge, especially if their blood alcohol level was confirmed to be over the legal limit. Therefore, they resign themselves to a conviction, often not even hiring a DUI attorney. Some don’t think that the DUI attorney cost is worth it, even if they could fight the charge. They’re wrong on both accounts. Not only is the typical DUI attorney cost worth it — it can often save you a lot of time and money in the long term. A DUI charge isn’t always something you can completely escape. In many cases, you may be convicted. But that doesn’t mean you have Continue Reading