Three Possible Reasons Why That Cop Pulled You Over

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If there’s one thing that most drivers ask themselves when they get pulled over, it’s “UGH why me?!” (The second question, of course, is “But why today, of all days?!” because as everyone knows, traffic tickets are only given out when your day is already going terribly.) Well, here are a few possible answers to that first question:

  1. The police officer did not like your bumper sticker family. Once upon a time, you could blame nearly any traffic tickets and fines on the elusive Mickey Mouse foam heads that could be purchased at Disney World and stuck on the top of a car antenna; now that newer cars are lacking antennas, your bumper stickers are likely taking most of the blame when a cop pulls you over. Some people just really think that those bumper sticker families are out of control, and let’s be honest, seeing an 11-person bumper sticker family could definitely set off a state trooper who’s having a terrible day.

  2. The cop was just really lonely and wanted to talk to someone. Ever think about how lonely it must get for a police officer to sit in a car for hours at a time with only the police scanner radio to keep him/her company? The loneliness can really become unbearable, especially if drivers — for whatever reason — are driving safely. Maybe that cop just really needed some human interaction and figured that handing out a few misdemeanor traffic offenses wouldn’t be too much of a sacrifice.

  3. You actually were breaking the law. This one is definitely a bit of a stretch, but hey, it’s possible. Maybe you were going 20-ish miles over the speed limit, or maybe you just blazed on through a red light and clearly should receive a traffic light violation.

Regardless of why you were pulled over, it’s still possible to get out of traffic tickets with a little bit of legal help on your side.

But now we’re asking for your contribution — what’s the craziest reason you’ve ever been pulled over? Any weird driving laws you were breaking without realizing it? Be sure to share your thoughts with us in the comments section! Find more.

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