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Save Time and Money with a Legislative Intent Service

Legislative history

What is legislative intent service? If you are one of the 1.2 million lawyers practicing in the United States, you hopefully already know the answer to this question. Legislative intent services utilize legal research tools to provide needed information on legislative history, legal statutes, and state and federal regulations.

Law research can be complicated and intense. The history of most laws is long and drawn out, which means it takes time to sort through the information and determine what is imperative. Likewise, sifting through legal cases looking for precedent for a current legal matter can be consuming. Utilizing a legislative intent service can allow you leave the research to someone else and focus on the applicable information provided.

Why is legal research so complicated, that independent service companies take on the research. The answer to this is relatively simple. Legal research is complicated because the laws are complex. At any given time, there are over 300 bills waiting for Senate to act. Once a bill passes through Congress, the President has ten days to either sign the bill or veto the bill. If the bill is vetoed, it has to go back to Congress.

That is simply for creating and passing federal laws. The same process applies to every individual state the process of creating and passing state laws. Additionally, once a law is in place, it can be challenged in the courts, which creates more documentation and possibilities for legal intent.

It takes a skilled researcher to sort through all the available information and identify the facts that are most useful to the current case. The number of federal and state statues and regulations is overwhelming, and depending on the state you are dealing with, the records may be haphazard.

Utilizing a trained team of researchers that have the legal research tools in place to quickly locate and identify information can save valuable time and resources. The cost of legislative intent service will outweigh the cost when you take into account what your time with worth.

Preparing for a case is highly involved and often, you need information fast. You don?t have the time or the staff to do all that research on your own. You need that legislative history and relevant cases right away. Relying on legislative intent service can allow you to focus on the other areas of preparation. It will also enable you to get information quickly as the case evolves and your needs shift.

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