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Immigration Law Attorneys Flourishing in a Country of 40 Million Immigrants

Illegal immigration laws

Any student who has gone abroad to study, work, and live in another country can attest to the fact that learning a new language can be difficult. Other countries have different social norms, different currency and food, and different stores.

In Russia, the customer has to order individual items from a cashier, who then retrieves the items from shelves behind the store’s counter, rings up the customer, and gives them their purchases. It is considered impolite for customers to handle their own merchandise.

There are more than 40 million immigrants to the United States, and they often report that it took them years to get accustomed to our language and culture. Slightly more than half are female and many do not speak any English when they arrive at their new homes.

Overall, immigrants to America are about 42 years old and have not received extensive foreign language training; unlike exchange students, immigrants may need to learn the language and customs as they go along with their working lives.

Immigration law attorneys typically facilitate paperwork
, sometimes marriages, and should be able to provide counsel about a wide variety of issues facing people who would like to immigrate to the United States. Out of every five people who leaves their home country, one will find their new home in the United States.

Refugees — as opposed to immigrants — leave their home countries for different reasons and immigration law attorneys may be able to help them to get settled in their new country. Around the globe, poor living conditions, internal political conflicts, and religious intolerance may all be contributing factors to refugees’ relocation.

Sometimes it can be possible to get a free consultation from an immigration lawyer. A good immigration lawyer should be knowledgeable about federal immigration law, I-9 compliance issues, illegal immigration laws, as well as laws governing “legal aliens” who would like to make the United States their permanent home.

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