How to Find a Good Lawyer

Finding a good lawyer

Today finding a good lawyer is far from an easy task: with the high number of lawyers and law firms in any given area, all with catchy commercials and advertising slogans, it can be difficult to determine which lawyer you can trust. Add to that the specific nature of your case, and you could be stuck trying to decide between a criminal defense attorney, a DUI lawyer, and a family law lawyer, wondering how their specification will affect your verdict.

The trick to finding a good lawyer in this confusing situation is to understand a little about how the legal system works, and how lawyers operate within that system. If you can do this, you have the chance to not only find a good lawyer, but find the best lawyer for you and your case.

For example, let’s look at the state DUI laws of Ohio: the first thing to know as a driver traveling in the state is that Ohio, unlike most of the United States, does not use the term “DUI” to describe driving while intoxicated. Instead, law enforcement primarily refers to this offense as an “OVI”, which stands for “operating a vehicle under the influence”.
Additionally, Ohio has what is called an implied consent law when it comes to potential OVI cases. This means that if you refuse any of the chemical tests used to measure your level of intoxication, you will immediately be fined and your license will be suspended.

This situation can teach us a lot about how important it is to find a lawyer who specializes in your type of case: while you might be tempted after receiving a DUI (or OVI) to hire criminal defense firm, thinking it will simplify your search, even the best criminal defense attorney will surely not be as versed in the laws regarding drunk driving as a DUI lawyer. To return to the Ohio example, even first OVI offenses in the state usually require that you pay a $450 license reinstatement fee and also add six points to your license. Do you really want to take the risk of hiring a top criminal defense attorney over the best DUI attorney when the stakes are so high?

With their experience in a specific type of law, DUI lawyers and other specialized attorneys will know the best way to handle the particulars of your case. In Ohio, it is sometimes possible to avoid an OVI charge by using a plea bargain to reduce the crime to “wet reckless”, reckless driving while under the influence of alcohol, which has less severe repercussions. OVI lawyers in Ohio will know this, just as family law attorneys will know the best way to help you fight for custody, and personal injury attorneys will understand the best way to help you file for compensation. The trick to finding a good lawyer isn’t to wade through endless advertisements and call every law firm in the phone book; instead, finding a good lawyer means focusing on law firms that focus on your type of case. If you need a lawyer, call a specialized attorney today, before it’s too late.

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