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Have You Filed For Bankruptcy? Here’s How To Choose A Bankruptcy Lawyer

In The United States, it is becoming common for Americans to file for bankruptcy. There a certain reasons individuals need to file for bankruptcy. Some reasons include, but are not limited to, unpaid medical bills, large medical expenses, overextended credit, and unsecured debt. In fact, 2 million Americans filed for bankruptcy in 2013 as a result of unpaid medical bills. There are also different types of bankruptcy chapters individuals can file. Here are a few chapters of bankruptcy: The first chapter is Chapter 7. Chapter 7 is the most common chapter of bankruptcy filed by individuals. It’s essentially liquidation bankruptcy. This chapter of bankruptcy takes six months to complete. Chapter 9 bankruptcy is for cities, towns, counties, and school districts. Chapter 13 is referred to as the wage earner plan. This is for individuals who work and earn a regular income, but they need assistance in paying back the debts they owe. This chapter helps individuals pay back all of their debts or parts of their debts, little by little. It helps individuals find debt relief. In certain states, Chapter 13 costs less than $500 if you need to file and begin this type of case. If you have filed for bankruptcy in any form, here is how to choose a bankruptcy attorney.

Take your time when searching for a bankruptcy lawyer. First, visit a bankruptcy law firm. Additionally, it is important to note that you may have to visit multiple bankruptcy law firms when searching for a bankruptcy lawyer. When speaking with a bankruptcy attorney, it is important to note their forms of professionalism. Gauge if the bankruptcy attorney is dedicated to the clients he or she serves. Does the bankruptcy attorney respect clients? Does he or she want the best for the clients? Does the bankruptcy attorney want to advise the clients in the best way possible for specific cases? Most importantly, does the bankruptcy attorney have the specific expertise to help you and your case? Bankruptcy is a complicated form of law, so it is imperative that the attorney you choose has the correct expertise. After all, each client that files for bankruptcy wants a positive result at the end of the case. So, consider your case and the personality of the attorney. For certain cases you’ll want an attorney who has the appropriate expertise, and who also isn’t afraid to fight for what you deserve. Overall, the bankruptcy attorney needs to have the correct experience and expertise for specific cases.

Another piece of information to consider when searching for a bankruptcy attorney is, find out if the attorney’s fees are appropriate and reasonable for what you can afford. Needless to say, there isn’t an incorrect or correct fee that bankruptcy lawyers can request from their clients. Additionally, different chapters of bankruptcy have different prices. For example, if you apply for a chapter 13 bankruptcy you will pay between $1,500-$6,000. Whereas you will pay between $500-$3,5000 if you apply for a chapter 7 bankruptcy. However, each state may have, or has a different price in order to begin a case. Consider your funds and how much you can afford when searching for a bankruptcy lawyer.

Make sure you can communicate effectively and efficiently with the bankruptcy attorney. It is imperative that you feel comfortable with the lawyer you hire. You need to be able to speak with your attorney, tell him or her everything (don’t withhold any information), and be honest. Additionally, you want to find a lawyer who is easy to speak with. When you’re comfortable, you can posses a positive result when your case is completed.

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