Crazy Laws You Won’t Believe Can Get You a Ticket

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If you’re a driver, you’re more than likely to get traffic tickets at some point. Whether you got caught speeding, running a red light, or get caught using your cellphone, getting traffic tickets and fines can easily ruin your day. We’ve all hear about getting a ticket for a reckless driving charge or traffic light violations, but how about getting a ticket for frowning? Here are a few crazy traffic violations that can get you a ticket in a different state.

  1. Don’t You Frown – In certain areas of New Jersey, it’s illegal to frown at a police officer. So when you’re getting pulled over, be sure to grin and bare it, or else your minor misdemeanor traffic ticket might require you to pay an extra fine for being a grump.
  2. Open Your EyesIn Alabama, it’s been made illegal to drive while blindfolded. While this one may seem self-explanatory, it bring up the question of why the law had to be created in the first place. Who would willingly drive without being able to see?
  3. No Hunting AreaIn both Tennessee and California, it’s illegal to try and hunt any animal from your car. Of course, there is one exception to this rule: the only animal that drivers are allowed to shoot are whales, which can be difficult to find in the case of Tennessee.
  4. Visiting RightsCemeteries are meant to be a place where you can visit the graved of your dearly departed. However, if you’re in North Carolina, make sure you don’t drive there. Driving in a cemetery in illegal in North Carolina, and cars are only permitted on the ground if you’re digging a grabe, or putting someone in one.

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