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    Cheers to year two. When most people your age talk about saying yes, they are often talking about the final selection of dress for an upcoming wedding. In your case, saying yes is your commitment to a second year of what looked like a very big unknown.
    You made the decision to take on chance on your potential and choose a life that would allow you focus on your young daughter and a new career. The initial step to choose a divorce lawyer provided the guidance you needed for family law issues that would have otherwise been very confusing. Deciding on a sales job with flexible hours is a far cry from being a full time classroom teacher, but at the time you knew that you were making the one decisions that would put you and your daughter first.
    Many Big Decisions Involve Family Law Issues That Require Help from Exoperinced Family Law Attorneys
    Nearly two year ago you were called into the office for a conversation with its school district leaders for a meeting of reprimand Continue Reading