• Why You Need an Attorney to Help With Financial Matters

    Many people associate getting an attorney for occasions such as divorce, child custody or changing their name. However, there’s a variety of reasons to have an attorney, such as dealing with probate law or needing help with regards to taxes. Over 1 million people get audited by the IRS every year and would benefit from a qualified attorney who has been through these types of situations before. Here are a few reasons why having a lawyer on hand can help in these types of financial situations.

    Estate Planning Needs careful Guidance

    Estate planning is a tricky subject, with many people having strong feelings about creating their will. Over 55% of people who are asked why they don’t have a will state they haven’t gotten to creating one. While this is understandable, it’s important to have a game plan for everything, including children, pets, businesses, and other assets you wish to pass on. It’s important to consult with an attorney skilled in creating wills a Continue Reading

  • An Overview of Debt Collection Attorneys and How to Know When You Need One

    Living trusts

    Do you need a good debt collection attorney? If you extended a loan to someone and are having trouble recovering the money from them, you could benefit from a debt collection attorney. If you owe a debt that you are unable to repay and are being harassed by debt collectors, you could also benefit from a debt collection attorney.

    What do debt collection attorneys do?
    In an ideal world, every time you make a loan with someone, they’ll promptly repay you. In an ideal world, every time you take out a loan, nothing unexpected will arise that will prevent you from repaying. However, we don’t live in an ideal world. This is why debt collection attorneys exist.

    If you are the debtor, you could benefit from a debt collection lawyer if: