• A Look At The World Of Construction In The United States

    For many construction companies throughout the United States, commercial real estate law is an incredibly essential thing. After all, commercial real estate law ties into the work that construction companies do very intrinsically, as commercial construction produces the buildings that would fall under the jurisdiction of commercial real estate law. And the construction industry of the United States is only on the rise, which is likely to make the application of commercial real estate law truly more important than it has ever been before.

    The data more than backs up this claim of success, showing that – in the year of 2016 alone – the construction market for just the United States reached a value of more than one thousand and one hundred and sixty billion dollars, which is already an impressive number in an of itself. In the years to come, however, it is only likely that this number will continue to rise and to rise. This means that more construction companies are having more succe Continue Reading

  • Lawyers, Construction Companies, and Everything In Between

    Appeals court

    Every single year there are huge changes that happen throughout society that change how businesses work and change the economy itself. Sometimes these changes occur across the globe and sometimes they only happen within the United States. One industry has seen more changes than others and that is the construction industry.

    Between April 2006 and January 2011, the construction industry eliminated more than 40% of its workforce. This is because the construction industry is trying to cut back on potential liabilities. Here are all of the facts that surround lawyers for construction companies.

    Builders risk coverage is written for a minimum one-year term to cover a new building or structure under construction or an existing structure undergoing additions, alterations, or repairs. The construction industry Continue Reading